Before you file suit, Call Resolute, it will save you time and money!

Before you file suit, Call Resolute, it will save you time and money!

Resolute Mediation is a full-service dispute resolution forum ready to assist you with finding a cost-effective and time saving resolution as appose to lengthy litigation. All you have to do is tell us about your dispute at or call us today! 1.866.384.4563

Areas of practice:

Commercial or business mediation/Arbitration helps resolve disagreements that may happen in commercial relationships. These can include disagreements over land, opportunities, materials, rights and contracts.

Real Property Mediation, whether a contract disagreement between buyer and seller, Real Estate Agency and client, or a mortgage Mediation, Resolute Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and approved arbitrators are ready to help.

Debt Dispute, You have a debt dispute, our 4-Step Debt ADR is a solution. This service allows Lenders, Borrowers, Finance Obligees and Obligors to bring debt obligation disputes in a timely, cost-effective and amicable close.

Divorce / Family mediation, before going through the divorce process or going back to court for custody issues and spending thousands of dollars on attorney’s fees, considers Mediation to reduce the cost of litigation. The Divorce by Mediation process offers a faster and a more cost effective alternative than the adversarial court litigation process.

Resolute Mediation has successfully mediated and arbitrated all forms of commercial mediation nationally. Tell us about your dispute at or Call Us Today! 1.866.384.4563