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WARNING: The Top Price Guarantee Is Limited To Only 100 People In Each Area (67 Spots Already Gone)

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"There Are Only Ever 100 People In Our Unique Program - Most Property Owners Work With Us Year After Year Leaving Very Few Openings. If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then A Few Spots Have Opened Up"
Why Working With Us Is Pretty Much...
LEASing a Property?

What To Expect When Leasing:

 Guaranteed: Above Market Rental Income. Guaranteed rent payments, not sporadic collections, even if the property is vacant. No chasing rent or listening to tenant excuses. 

 Never worry about Income fluctuations! 

No Vacancies!
No Evictions!

 Never Pay Fees:
No Property Management Fees
No Leasing Fees
No Lease Fees
No Marketing Fees
No Vacancy Fees

 Reduced Risks: No personal time or attorney fees wasted in eviction court.

 Reduced Maintenance:  Minor Maintenance and Improvements at No Expense to the Owner.

 You're Covered: Owner’s Property is covered by a $2M insurance policy.

Selling a Property?

What To Expect When Selling:

 Guaranteed: You'll Get The Prevailing Market's "Top Price"!

 No Long Wait Time - 
Quick Closing: We'll Buy Your Property in 14 Days or Less!

 AVOID Losing the Sale Due To "Tight" Lending Criterias.

 Never Pay: 
Real Estate Commission Again!

 No Closing Costs

We specialize in purchasing, leasing & managing properties located within our footprint area;
which is where the bulk of real estate that we personally own are located. 

We do occasionally make exceptions to our "footprint rule" for exceptional properties. 
Do You Have an Exceptional Property?
Read This Before Going ANY further:
From The Desk Of Normalina Martin, Luxury Broker
Windermere, Florida - Clear Vision Realty & Associates

We pride ourselves with the utmost sense of the meaning of luxurious service! As our motto states "Extraordinary Lives Deserve Extraordinary Representation" and we do just that when we represent what we mean by being able to 10X your income through every transaction we handle for you! 

When allowing us to lease your property, we will charge No Fees! We will sign a 12, 24, 36 month lease based on your terms. We will provide a deposit, just as any other Tenant would. If you're interested in Selling your property, we could also buy your house on terms or lease with an option to purchase and take care of all the maintenance and upkeep so you can have a no hassle worry free tenant buyer...
What We Do:
We buy, lease, or lease to own properties on either a long or short term basis; depending on the Property Owner's preferences or situation. 

As a licensed Real Estate firm, Clear Vision Realty & Associates provide property owners with the assurance that they will be paid above market rent, their property will be treated like a model, it will be well cared for, fully insured, and monitored 24/7.

We make any necessary improvements to the property at no expense to the owner. 

We provide elite concierge and hospitality service to business men and women, vacationers, and frequent travelers who want a professional and unique stay with full hospitality services.
Our Services Are FREE:
When we buy your property, we will not charge you any commission. If we manage your property, we will not charge a management fee. 
If You Like Our Business Platform...

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Benefits of Leasing To Us:

  • Our Process: We sign a Corporate Lease directly with Owners! Never again worry about vacancy, late payments, or evictions. When we lease your property and agree to pay an guaranteed rent, you shift a significant portion of the risk to us. This gives you peace of mind and a smooth rental experience without any collection headaches.
  • ​We take on the landlord role, not a property manager role, to give you guaranteed payments & long-term security. Lease terms from 1 to 5 years provides maximum stability. Our lease specifies how much rent we pay you and gives us the right to sublease the property to occupying tenants.
  • ​Insured: We make sure the owner’s property is covered by a $2M+ insurance policy. 
  • Reduced Maintenance: We coordinate and pay for routine maintenance and other repairs at no extra charge to you. Depending on the arrangement, we take financial responsibility for some, all, or none of the maintenance. It’s in all parties' best interest (yours and ours) to control the maintenance expenses as we do not profit from maintenance calls.
  • Stage: We take care of the furnishings. We treat your property with care and attention to detail. Treating the property as though it’s our own.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Rest easy knowing your property will undergo regular professional cleaning, maintenance, and monitoring by our trained staff - usually on a weekly basis. We maintain a standard of care on your property second to none!
  • We build lasting bonds by keeping our communities safe, sanitary, and orderly. Whether it’s through periodic beautification initiates or encouraging other neighbors best practices, maintaining a high quality of life for both short and long term residents is a top priority.

"Best Decision EVER"

I was tired of wondering when someone would be able to afford to rent my mansion. It sat on the market for 8 months before I chose to have Clear Vision Realty & Associates professionally handle it.

What I receive now is 10x's more than all those months I lost in rent when doing it the "traditional way"! Best Decision EVER! Thank You for saving my property! I wish I had more properties for you to handle!

- M. Wilkinson

Benefits of Selling With Us:

  • Our Process: Corporate Purchase. Close on Your Property in 14 Days or Less. No Waiting Time or We Can Close on Your Timeline!
  • Pay No Closing Cost.
If You Like Our Business Platform...

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